Jeff Tucker

Jeff became interested in politics in the late 1990s. The impacts of Bush v. Gore turned his interest into action, propelling him to get engaged with local campaigns and to work with the Arizona Stonewall Democrats. Jeff has served as a Precinct Committeeperson (since 2004), State Committee Member (since 2006) and served as District Secretary for LD12 Democrats (2006) and has been an occasional at-large LD12 Dems Board member during his East Valley residency. He also has worked for the Arizona Democratic Party (2010) as its Campaign Products and Services Director. He is honored to have received the 2007 Outstanding Precinct Committeeperson of the Year and the 2009-2010 Democratic Headquarters Volunteer of the Year awards. Jeff loves working on special projects involving data, fundraising, and getting new people involved and volunteering in politics. You can find him always willing to discuss hot button issues like diversity and inclusion, sensible gun control, improving public schools, solving the income inequality problem, and promoting animal welfare.